Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More of my rants

This is just some of the things that has been getting under my skin lately. The past two weeks have showed one example after the next, that we have become a society that just don't give a shit about anyone except ourselves anymore. The first example was when South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson interrupted President Barrack Obama's speech to congress last week. Rep. Wilson called Obama a liar, implying that Obama was lying by saying illegal aliens were not going to receive health care under his new plan. Wilson stood by what he said and only apologized when forced to do so by his fellow congressmen. I don't really care that he called him a liar but he could have done it in a better way.
Serena Williams was playing for the championship at the US Open tennis match the other day. She was getting her ass beat by Kim Clysters. She disagreed with some of the calls that the official made and she slammed her racquet upon the ground and then she threatened and berated the official right there in front of God and everyone. She too later apologized but the sincerity of that apology was questionable at best. She no more cared about that than the man in the moon. The only thing that she was concerned about was that her actions could potentially cost her money in the future because she will lose endorsement contracts and her image will take a big hit in general. Didn't her parents teach this stuck up bitch any manners? Evidently not.
The last incident came Sunday night at the MTV video music awards show. Young country songstress Taylor Swift had just won their award for "Best Video of the year" when rapper Kanye West barrged out from backstage, snatched the microphone from her hand and then went on to say the Beyonce had the best video. He too later apologized but it was too little too late. He apologized to her in his blog, what a jack ass! Who gave this jerk the right. First of all, who cares about the MTV music awards show? Does anyone watch videos anymore? Second, who gives a damn about Kanye West? How did he get that gig anyway? I have more God given talent than he! If Kanye had been a white man it would have been a bigger story because then he would have been labeled a racist and we would nevr hear the end of it.
We have absolutely no respect for anyone anymore. Kindness and respect have been thrown out the window and no one seems to care. It is really no surprise. The images and behavior on television, with the reality shows and the selfishness of the athletes that we idolize just fuel that behavior. Parents don't teach their children and everyone is all about me me me! In many ways, I am glad that I grew up in a different generation. I would have gotten my ass beat if I acted like these people have. My dad would have kicked my ass, my friends would have kicked my ass and I don't even want to think about the ass kicking I would have received from my mother.
Everyone needs to step back and take a long hard look at themselves and ask, Would my grandmother approve of the way that I am acting? Well, would she?

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