Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little buddies

This is an image of our little puppies. The mama dog (Jackie) gave birth to them on July 1, 2009. We had been waiting for them and hoping with great anticipation that they would be born healthy. The dark faced one is the only one that has been sold so far. I have been waiting for the puppies to get big enough so that my room mate, Dusty, would be willing to let them go outside. Tonight was the night!

Jackie is almost impossible to photograph, she runs from me whenever she sees my camera. Tonight, I couldn't get her out of the way of the puppies. I did manage to capture a couple shots of her. We took the puppies outside and they didn't know exactly what to do, so they all decided to squat. A funny sight indeed, almost as if on cue! Jackie wouldn't get out of the way, so the puppies figured that they would take advantage of the situation and they started nursing. We weaned them a few days ago. The time passed and Jackie relaxed a bit and I was able to get this shot of the four pups together. They continued to romp and play around with each other and I was able to get images of each of them individually. I enjoy photographing my little buddies and in the coming days, I plan to get many more. More photographs to come!

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